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OnePipe has been providing class leading services to multi-national companies and small businesses since 2002.

Sign up for our world leading Hosted PBX service available in over 60 countries today to see for yourself.

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Global coverage for Hosted PBX customers in 60+ countries.

  • Hosted PBX

    All of the features you need in a Hosted PBX. No extra fees, everything is included.

  • Global Network

    We have locations located around the globe. All of our nodes are connected with a private network to ensure the highest quality, wherever you are located.

  • Great Support

    Our staff will happily assist however possible to get you up and running quickly.

  • Best Pricing

    Our scale allows us to offer pricing that others just cannot match.

  • Easy Call Routing

    We make it easy to create everything from simple call forwarding, ring group or time of day routing.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Utilize your existing smartphone with a choice of applications.

  • Global VoIP Network

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How do I sign up?

Order the amount of seats you need from our online store. The general rule of thumb, is one seat per person. Someone will then be in contact within one business day to formalize your account creation.

You will let us know where you need DID's from our coverage list and how many during our follow up. All of this can be completed via email if desired.

Are there term commitments?

You are not committing to any contract or terms. Our services are month to month. If during the on-boarding process you determine we cannot meet your needs all one time Hosted PBX User fees will be refunded in full if notified within 30 days of your order.